Vitamin D is ruining my practice

A number of years ago, I read an article about an Australian physician who had “prescribed” Vitamin D to his whole practice which resulted in a marked reduction of 30% in office visits in the next corresponding year.  It was one of these facts that I thought I would never find important, other than the fact that I am a devotee of prescribing Vitamin D for its effectiveness and proven value in many of the problems that plague my patients especially those with chronic pain. 

Over the past few years, I have been thinking of winding down my practice since I am past the age of retirement but fascinated by the potential advances in patient care against a society that does not seem to take preventive measures to maintain their health.  Exercise is rare, hours are spent gazing at electronic screens, lack of sleep hygiene, drinking bottled water none stop etc.

For the last decade, I have been more and more convinced regarding the value of vitamins, trace minerals, and particular on the use of Vitamin D.  I have written extensively on the use of Boron and more recently on Lithium as natural agents that are ignored. 

I am grateful to Mr. Henry Lahore for his excellent computer skills through his wiki on vitamin D and providing information on 78 health problems that with the proof of randomized double-blind studies show the value of Vitamin D.  They include: diabetes, influenza, falls, hip fractures, breast cancer, pregnancy risks, chronic kidney disease, cystic fibrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, TB, rickets, ALS, respiratory tract infection, lupus, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, congestive heart failure, prostate cancer, asthma, depression, fibromyalgia, chronic hives, weight loss, COPD, vertigo, restless legs syndrome, metabolic syndrome, preeclampsia, IBS, UTI, mite allergy, perinatal depression, vaginosis, eczema, NAFLD, knee osteoporosis.

This from a non-physician spurred me to prescribe Vitamin D to a great majority of my practice.  It has had 2 positive spins.  I was quite amazed at the general improvement of health and this was reflected in a decreased number of visits – perhaps 30-40%.  With everyone screaming about the cost of health care, poor and rich countries alike, does one ever hear a voice from the government regarding the value of taking vitamin D supplements? 

It is interesting philosophically to think that Vitamin D is the only vitamin that has 2 sources – one from sunlight with the skin manufacturing Vitamin D and second from the ingestion of food.  Does this double source mean anything?  Is it a hint of what we should be doing?

In the modern world which is so geared to advertising, I have only seen 1 advert in the last 10 years in the newspaper suggesting we take Vitamin D.

Reiterating no patient, no profit, no publicity!