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I was lucky to be trained at Barts, the oldest same site hospital in the world founded in 1123. I qualified in 1963 and received a specialist degree in 1965 MRCP in U.K.   This was the time of the so called miracle drugs, cortisone, wide spectrum antibiotics, nerve pills etc. Treatment was given with little thought to cause and prevention. Sadly many illnesses unknown then are still unknown, the focus is still driven by drugs and treatment.

Gradually I become frustrated in this atmosphere of not be able to preventing illness or making the body heal itself. Drugs evolving from a test tube were not the answer, not to mention the increasing cost to the country.

I first become interested in TENS using small electric charges to stimulate the body to produce natural pain killers. The opposition to its development made the subject difficult to follow, although safe and effective, was used for chronic pain even the pain of childbirth (the latter study at a hospital was self-funded)

Over the years I picked and investigated what are called orphan agents. No patent, thus no profit.

The first was Glucosamine used in arthritis in 1980s, which has now been shown by N.I.H in a 77000 participant study to increase longevity, prevent certain lung cancers etc., what a miracle but still an orphan. At this time I became interested in Niacinamide researched by the late Dr. William Kauffman, effective but not patentable. In 1940 he published at a time when one had to get clearance to publish due to paper shortages during the war. His books like the treatment gather dust on my bookshelf.

Perhaps the saddest of all is Boron, discovered by Dr. Rex Newnham by chance as a treatment for arthritis. His story is worth reading. Now we have evidence of its effect in memory, thin bones, eczema, lipid disorders, and angina, all positive in small double blind studies. Too good to believe, but not unreasonable as they have been clearly shown to effect the markers of illness. The only large study comes out of the University of Baghdad!!

I hate writing about cancer, as it stirs up hope. If one looks at the literature intake of Boron and some cancers it is crying out for a double blind study.

This planet holds the cure like a self-contained miracle, not in a test tube. WE are to blind to see.

Alan L Russell

P.S I have no conflict of interest.

Use the Internet, search Google for a rough pictures and this Blog for enlightenment


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Alan L Russell says:

    We live in a world of drugs and surgical answers like replacement surgery,
    Natural agents like Boron ,Glucosamine Hydrochloride,Niacinamide , Magnesium etc.,have no sponsors,patents,profit ,so are hidden from view.
    Who will fund a large double blind study on Boron.Small studies show it to be a safe miracle.
    Hidden from view since 1965 because of lack of patent
    Greed for money is one of the causes of O.A etc Google the subject. The salvation may be in social media.
    I have no financial interest in any products mentioned. Boron has been buried since 1965 time for resurrection


  2. Alan L Russell says:

    Who is looking out for the ordinary person, What do societies do to help,? How many cures have they found over the years and millions of dollars collected.


  3. Hey Alan. Your site is interesting to read, but hard to navigate as there’s no index, categories, or search option. Have you thought of adding those options?

    Thanks for what you’ve written so far.


  4. Thanks for comments,especially about Barts,William Harvey was the first doctor appointed and discovered how blood circulated.
    My assistant is the greatest help in a difficult fast evolving field.Think your ideas are good and will try to incorporate .

    This subject started following my use of boron in arthritis etc.I liked the Rex Newnham story. The real stimulus to the subject was the papers on boron improving memory!!In older people,like me.This led to the review of Lithium so similar and a close neighbour in the Periodic Table.
    Think better with micro lithium??!that is why people go to Baden Baden,Mineral City Texas etc


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