Lithium in ground water

Some of the brief notes on Lithium are based on small animal studies however the science of Lithium levels in drinking water and the risk of abhorrent behaviour, suicide, aggression, crime rates are supported by a number of studies ranging from Texas, Japan, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

My own impression over the last few decades is that idiopathic suicide rates are increasing with devastating effects on families and social networks.  The reactionary suicide often associated with underlying depression can be understood.  But the idiopathic suicide of young people in good health is extremely puzzling as is the increased violent behaviour and “short fuse” syndrome.

The scientific studies mentioned above show an inverse relationship between Lithium in ground water and thus in drinking water and the abhorrent behaviour.  A number of leading articles have suggested placing Lithium in minute quantities equivalent to what is found in the ground water of many countries into the drinking water in those countries where it is deficient.  I realize the outcry about the use of Fluoride and can not comment but we accept chlorination of water without concern as it helps protects lives and prevents infection.  If Lithium was added to city water supply where the content is zero, I wonder whether we would see a change in the “short fuse” syndrome, aggression, crime as suggested by reviews on the effect of ground water on behaviour.

I really can not see this happening with the violent social network reaction and hysteria but certainly the publication of guidelines might help in the re-supply of bottled water with small amounts of Lithium.  It was interesting to note that 100 years ago spring water with small amounts of Lithium were best sellers as it has a calming effect, up to 1946 Lithium was added to 7Up so that they could get on the Lithium bandwagon.  It seems we are in a state of scientific decline.

I have often wondered why a few friends frequented certain spas like Baden Baden.  Was it for the relaxation, the social life, or was it for the 8 mg of Lithium per litre of spa water?

As mentioned in a previous article, the Romans were obviously aware of the value of alkali springs (containing Lithium) and suggested that soldiers suffering from, a poor translation from the Latin, post-traumatic syndrome or exhaustion should partake of the alkali, lithium containing waters!




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